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Meat Whistle is a highly customized Excel spreadsheet that incorporates entered data into various coding lines used by the FeMR website.

Every patient or nurse supplied piece of information on the originating paper medical document must have a corresponding row within Meat Whistle. These rows are used to help create and maintain ASP pages, the logic code behind those pages, the SQL database, and the PDF print documents.

Master Tab

The master page is the only one that is meant to be user editable and is broken down into the following columns: Page, Active, Question, Field, Table, Type, Section, DBase Column, ASP Control Name, Final Column Name.


This column specifies the ASP document name which the spreadsheet holds database column and web form names.


This column specifies if the spreadsheet row contains active data to be used in the ASP page creation.


This column relates a specific user input description as shown on the client exam form for easier reference.


This column contains several drop-down options; cb (check box), cmb (combo), cnv (?), ddl (drop-down list), rbl (radio button list), and txt (text).


This column specifies the database table that will hold the generated database column names as they relate to a sub-section of an exam. For example, a patient's name and date of birth will be held in tblPatientMaster. Another example would be exam swabs held in tblEvidence.


This column specifies the type of data that will be stored within a table under each db column name. The options are chr, var, int, and dte.


This column contains additional clarifying information that is appended to the Final Column Name. For example, date fields are commonly used for various exam questions. The exam form date started, the date an assault happened, and the date the form is completed and signed are just a few to note. The section column can add extra reference naming to retain unique Final Column Names.

Database Column

This column contains a name provided by a VTS worker that is used to reference the data stored as it relates to the corresponding question column.

ASP Control Name

This column holds the ASP ID name which is used to load or update the database column name as necessary.

Final Column Name

This column contains the concatenated unique name from information provided by some of the previous columns and is the only column on the master sheet that cannot be edited.

Load Tab

Update Tab

Parameters Tab

Insert Tab

Strings Tab

Create Dbase Tab

Set Column Tab

Disabled Tab

Logic White Tab

Logic Red Tab

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